St. Michael's Orthodox Christian Church
1182 Ashland Street
Greensburg, PA 15601



(c) Nicholas P. Papas
(c) Nicholas P. Papas
(c) Nicholas P. Papas

The Illumination and beautification of St. Michael's in Greensburg is an ongoing project.  The “Medallions” are one of these projects, and a “Mural of Intercessory Saints” is now underway. 




The ultimate hope for these projects is not simply to beautify a church structure.  The hope is to bring parishioners as well as members of the Greensburg area community into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and His Saints. 




Information and a description of St. Michael's Medallions can be found at or contact Iconographer Nicholas P. Papas at or Fr. John Nosal at  


























* The Medallion Icons are beautifying St. Michael’s Church with Saints that are loved by their donors.


* Some donors are named for these Saints.


* Some donors just love the stories of these Saints and were touched by their lives and prayers.


* Some of these icons are offered in celebration of loved ones who bare the name of the Saint.


* Some are in memory of loved ones who bare the name of that Saint.


* All of these icons bring vitality and intimacy to the prayers of our community.


* All of these icons bring us closer to God through His Saints.


* Are you interested in being a part if this project?


* Is there a Saint that you love and that loves you that you wish to have exulted in color and line at St. Michael’s in Greensburg</place /></city />?





Upcoming Calendar
CALENDAR (Sundays by reservation)
Friday, April 16th
6:00 PM - FULL
Saturday, April 17th
Akathist Saturday
9:00 AM -
6:00 PM -
Sunday, April 18th
8:45 - ORTHROS
10:00 AM -
11:20 AM - On-site
   Church School
& Zoom
Monday, April 19th
5:45 PM -
7:00 PM -
   Lenten Zoom
Wednesday, April 21st
5:30 PM -
   Ninth HOUR
6:00 PM -

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