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Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
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Welcome to St. Michael's Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church. Thank You for visiting our Website. Every Sunday, Please join us for fellowship in the main hall following Divine Liturgy.

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Divine Liturgy Every Sunday at 10:00am
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Our mission... to tend to the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ and to spread the Good News of Christ to those outside the flock.  The mission is to be accomplished by:

  • Living a full and liturgical and sacramental life
  • Proclaiming the Orthodox Christian Faith to all people
  • Providing effective charitable and social programs
  • Establishing strong spiritual leadership and educational resources



 To join the "Bell-ringer Team"
please speak to Lisa Tereshko


 Syrian Bread Sale

Syrian Bread $2 per loaf

Purchase at the table near the kitchen.


Sunday, December 4, following Divine Liturgy

Lunch Provided, (free of charge)



Christmas Card

Remember the days when it was common practice to send Christmas Cards to friends, relatives and acquaintances (whether we wanted to or not)? Remember how relieved some of us felt that the tradition of doing so fell out of cultural vogue? After all, why waste time and money on a practice that came to at times feel like such a chore?

Of course, what began as a matter of personal convenience now stands amidst so many other indicators of just how much our culture has changed. The wide-spread discontinuance of card-sending lines up with “Happy Holidays” replacing “Merry Christmas” and Frosty replacing Jesus as seasonal characteristics.

There is a small way in which we can hold some ground personally on our culture’s spiritual decay — participate in greeting one another using the St. Michael’s Community Christmas Card. In addition to someone receiving your Nativity greeting as they read your name, you will be helping to support our Church School Program which is sponsoring this year’s Community Card.

Questions may be addressed to Keira Sisley or Fotini Wetzel.

Thank you for your $10 donation

per name/family listing.

Please make your check out to St. Michael’s Church School.

Poinsettia Plants Order Form

                     LIVING                                                     DEPARTED

     “For mercy, life, health, peace,                       “For eternal memory and

       protection, and salvation of                      blessed repose of the souls of

            the servants of God…”                               the servants of God…”


_____________________________              __________________________


_____________________________              __________________________


_____________________________              __________________________


_____________________________              __________________________


_____________________________              __________________________



_______________ X $10.00 per plant =     ___________________

no. of plants                                                     total amount paid


OFFERED BY: _____________________________________________


Make checks payable to: St. Michael's Orthodox Church

Return completed forms with your offering by



Salvation Army

1) Attach the “tag” to the gift.

2) DO NOT WRAP the Salvation Army Treasures.

3) FOCUS “Angel Project” gifts may be wrapped,

but NO BOWS, please.

Place your donated gifts at the tree near the Baptismal font.


See Michele Murray if you have any questions.

From our Bookstore —

The Christian Religion and its accompanying Faith in Christ give meaning and understanding to the overwhelming, awesome mystery of our very brief lives as we sojourn on this magnificent planet that has existed for countless aeons.

The Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith is a major world religion that has been considered the most beautiful world religion. Widely known landmarks such as the magnificent Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) in Constantinople (Istanbul), the Church of St. Mary Magdalene on the slopes of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, the colorful Intercession of the Theotokos (St. Basil the Beatific) on Beautiful (Red) Square in Moscow, St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mt. Sinai, Egypt, the Annunciation Church in Milwaukee, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the new, golden multi-domed church near the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the jewel of

St. Nicholas Church at the footprints of the World Trade Twin Towers are world renowned.

Do we know and appreciate the depth and expanse of our faith to be able to share it with the ever-growing and increasing “nones” (no religious affiliation) of our country? If we are neither a tribal, ethnic group that excludes strangers nor a drive-thru express lane, feel-good religion that requires little sacrifice and less commitment, then what are we?

Our BOOKSTORE offers many titles to help you answer this question and continue your lifelong journey to the Kingdom of God.

Come down the hall and take a look at what is here for you.

FOCUS Pittsburgh

(Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United for Service)

FOCUS Pittsburgh is collecting clothes (clean and in good condition, please) for the very, very needy people (many homeless) in the Hill District neighborhood of the city. Clothing including coats, jackets, sweaters, trousers, shirts, blouses and other tops, shoes, handbags, gloves, scarves, etc., are all gratefully received and appreciated.  

There is a drop-off area at the top of the stairs at the main entrance for those who would contribute. The contact people for this project are Marilyn Elias and Miriam Yazge.

You May Find the Text of the Divine Liturgy beginning on the bottom page 91 of the Service Book (gold embossed cross on the reddish brown cover) or in the green-spiral-bound book; sheet music can be found in the 8.5” x 11” large, spiral-bound booklet.

At the Kiss of Peace,our practice is for each of us to greet the person to our right and left with the bowing of our head, hands held in a prayerful clasp or crossed on the chest, while offering each other the Christian greeting, “Christ is in our midst!” and responding, “He is and shall be!”

Please remember that Holy Communion is reserved for those Chrismated Orthodox Christians who have appropriately prepared themselves through prayer, fasting and Confession to receive the Holy Mysteries of the Church. The bread (anti’doron, which means ’in place’ of the gifts) which we share after Communion and at the end of the Liturgy is for all.

Being mindful we are in church, let us always remember to quiet and attentive.Let us sing, pray, stand., sit, kneel and respond where responses are indicated. Let us not talk, look around, text message, play games, etc. Especially let us work at this in the Communion line and when in line to venerate the Cross and depart. If we cannot hear the post-Communion prayers being chanted during our departure, we are way too noisy.

...refrain from eating, drinking or chewing gum (most obviously and especially if you will be receiving Holy Communion).

...stay put. Except in rare cases, there are few of us who cannot stay in one location for two hours (usually less, for most of us).

The complete text of the Great Vespers and Matins services for each Sunday may be retrieved and printed from the Antiochian Archdiocese website at


His Grace, the Right Reverend Thomas (Joseph) is a bishop of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America, serving in the Diocese of Charleston, Oakland and the Mid-Atlantic. READ MORE

Dinner with Bishop Thomas, Father John and Deacon James - 10/25/13

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Blessing of the Bells

Blessing of the Bells - 10/27/13

(6 images)

St. Michael's Antiochian Christian Orthodox Church Tour

Please click "View Slideshow" for the tour of the church of pictures from - 05/26/12

(66 images)



Sunday, December 11th
8:45 AM - MATINS
40 Day Memorials
Church School
1:00 PM - The Faith Book Study
5:30 PM - Clergy Brotherhood Christmas Concert
          Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church 123 Gilkeson Rd, Pgh., 15228
Monday, December 12th
Herman of Alaska
“Leaf by Niggle” follows
Wednesday, December 14th
Martyrs Thyrsus, Leucius, and 
Callinicus of Asia Minor; and Philemon, Apollonius, and Arian
(Confessions follow until 11 AM)
12:00 noon - Feed the Hungry
1st Lutheran Church, S. Main, Gbg
6:00 to 8:00 PM - Confessions
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Blessing of the Bells at St. Michael's

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Print and Read December 4th 2016
Weekly Bulletin

Now that the gratitude and bounty of Thanksgiving have passed and before the gifts and glitter of Christmas arrive, we have a few short weeks to make some spiritual use of the time. The liturgical usage of these days is regularly revealed to us in the weekly bulletin calendars. The devil is in struggling against the voice in our head that gives us every reason why we must ignore Christ’s call to worship in His Church and ponder the real point of this time of year — that of the Incarnation in our midst of the Uncreated God of all creation. Below are a few special opportunities to come, worship and ponder the upcoming Mystery in the Cave.

Monday evening, December 5

following Vesperal Divine Liturgy for St. Nicholas of Myra

Fellowship, Dinner and some time with the Saint

Monday evening, December 12

following Vesperal Divine Liturgy for St. Herman of Alaska

A discussion of a little book, Leaf by Niggle by JRR Tolkien

This very short book may be easily and inexpensively purchased online.

It may also be read for free in PDF format at:

Monday evening, December 19

following Vesperal Divine Liturgy for St. Ignatius of Antioch

A sharing of websites and apps on our gadgets

that may help grow our souls.

The Great Feast
of the Nativity of Christ

falls on Sunday this year.

Christmas Divine Liturgy will begin
at 8:00 PM
on Saturday night,
preceded by
Festal Matins
at 6:30 PM.

(no church on Sunday)

Deadline is December 11th.

Boxes are located in the hallway next to the Christmas tree.

Thanks for contributing to this worthwhile community effort
sponsored by the US Marine Corps Reserve and
coordinated by our Church School.

Watch here for the date and time of the next meeting of AMEN at Bean and Baguette at 250 W.Otterman Street, Greensburg, PA 15601 at 9:00am.


But you may still return your
PLEDGE CARD for 2017.

Your pledge confirms your church membership and helps the Budget Committee to complete its work by anticipating the coming year’s finances.

Thank you for your continuing support St. Michael’s.


Begins THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 2017 at 4:00PM

8 Week Program
$25 Registration and Workbook

Program Leader: Sr. Edie Strong, SC, MSW
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

(724) 547-1911 or

Additional information is available in our church office.

Please JOIN US!

The ladies will be cooking every Thursday at 9 AM in preparation for the Christmas Bake Sale. Additional dates and times will be added in the future, including evening sessions. Please join us for this important ongoing project in support of our church.

THANK YOU to Nick Papas, our iconographer, for the latest addition (donation) to the beautification of our church. In the hallway near the downstairs steps you may now behold two angels holding a scroll with no writing on it (yet). Tom Abraham has agreed to spearhead an effort to compile the names of all who have been members here at St. Michael’s from the days of our founding to the present and to display the names of the departed members on this large scroll.


Mark your calendars!

at St. Michael’s
Saturday, December 10
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Bring your friends.

On Tuesday, December 6th the Antiochian MEN will prepare a free meal for the benefit of people in our community. There are at least two ways in which you may participate in this charitable activity. The first is to come and help with the planning and execution. The second is to support the event financially. Donation may be given to Dan Davis. CLICK HERE for all of the details!

Anyone who would like to support “Food on the Hill” in whatever capacity you would like should contact Dan Davis or Gus Flizanes.

"Food On The Hill" WEATHER CANCELLATION POLICY - When weather causes Hempfield or Greensburg Salem School District to close for the day; "Food On The Hill" will NOT serve lunch that day! Please refer to TV & Radio Newscasts when in doubt. Thank You!

We are seeking new members who would be interested in learning how to prepare the Memorial Wheat. We have a group of women who currently fulfill this important function and are willing to teach anyone who may be interested in becoming part of this ministry team. For more information, contact Val Flizanes or call the church office.


The big chest you see as you come through the main entrance of our church, is a simple way to help our hungry neighbors. Just bring in a few cans of food or other unperishables when you come to church and you will making a difference for someone.

Please check that the goods you bring are “reasonably” close in time to the expiration date. (While we know the food lasts longer than that date, it is not always easy to tell how much longer.)

I.nternational O.rthodox C.hristian C.harities

It is unfortunate that IOCC is one among many charitable organizations that are never lacking for work. A glance around our globe supplies us with sufficient evidence of human beings who are suffering horrendously and are in dire need of help and aid in their affliction. IOCC has proven itself to be one of the most effective deliverers of that aid.

One statistical bit of evidence of IOCC’s efficiency is the fact that every $1 that is donated to IOCC in charitable contributions is leveraged and matched by $7 in funding from the governments, philanthropic foundations and other sources that support IOCC. That means your $1 becomes $8. Your $10 become $80. Your $100 become $800.

For information on IOCC and how to become part of the worthwhile work being done, visit

Please CLICK HERE for the form to provide us with your information. Or, see the form on the new back page of the weekly bulletin. We want to serve you better and we need your help. Please understand that we will protect yur privacy from the standpoint of the church. We will not show or distribute your email address!



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November 20th Attendance


NEW.....the stories of the Icons. CLICK HERE or on "Icons in Nick Papas's words" on the menu

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